arcadia career advisory board

the arcadia career advisory board:

  • consists of 10-15 members comprised of employer partners and arcadia university staff and faculty.
  • board members serve in a volunteer capacity and membership is by invitation only.
  • board member terms are for two years and are renewable at the discretion of the assistant director for employer relations. 

purpose of arcadia career advisory board

  • employer partners will share information with the office of career education and arcadia faculty regarding recruiting, hiring and technology trends.
  • relationships between employers, career education staff and faculty will generate a pipeline of internship and job opportunities for arcadia students.
  • employers will gain critical feedback about arcadia students and their career readiness.
  • discussions will generate ideas related to career events, marketing employers on campus, arcadia curriculum and recruiting efforts.

arcadia career advisory board goals

  • share information regarding recruiting and hiring trends data.
  • stay up-to-date regarding industry trends and job market for college graduates.
  • provide feedback on career programming/resources/curriculum to better prepare students for the world of work.
  • advise arcadia university staff and faculty on employer relations strategies.
  • discuss opportunities to support underrepresented students in their career development.

board participation and responsibilities

employer members of the arcadia career advisory board are expected to:

  • attend two on-campus board meetings annually (once a semester).
  • respond to questions and inquiries outside of annual board meetings as needed.
  • have their organization represented at a minimum of two recruiting events per year (one of these two events would be the spring internship and career fair). other recruiting options include:
    • knights networking series
    • interviews with the experts
    • internship expo
    • resume revival
    • on-campus interviews
    • class presentations
  • share internship and job postings via arcadia’s employment hub, handshake throughout the year.

employer benefits

  • a professional development forum to learn industry best practices.
  • a professional network of university and recruiting professionals.
  • a deeper connection to arcadia university.
  • the ability to shape curricular and career programming decisions at the university.
  • opportunities to engage with faculty and build your organizations' brand awareness with arcadia.
  • a way to share your expertise as a recruiting profession.
  • potential leadership opportunities within the arcadia career advisory board.

arcadia university member benefits

  • an opportunity to learn about what competencies employers seek in hiring, recruiting practices and trends in various industries.  
  • a deeper connection to employer partners and the office of career education.
  • the ability to shape curricular and career programming decisions at the university.
  • a greater knowledge of employers seeking to hire arcadia talent for internships and jobs.

financial commitment

  • there is no financial commitment to participate.
  • your time and input will be truly valued.
  • please note that we are unable to reimburse travel expenses to or from arcadia university.